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I once got dealt a royal flush. That’s right. A “natural” royal flush. On a quarter video poker machine. To make matters even more amazing, it was on the first quarter I gambled that day. (Can you imagine if the … Continue reading

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Lazy Bones

I’ve always been proud about how lazy I am. I often say that I will do an incredible amount of work just so I can be lazy. Something along those lines happened today, and I realize that what it is … Continue reading

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Revisiting my Cubist Period

In preparation for a Rubik’s Cube contest at an 80s party I went to last week, I picked up the puzzle and have been studying and playing around with it a bit lately. I happened to be in Hungary in … Continue reading

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An Old Alternative is New Again

Radio station 104.9 is back! At the end of 2005, the radio station at 104.9 suddenly and violently changed format from mildly alternative to Spanish. In a swoop, one of my favourite and commonly punched-up presets in my car became … Continue reading

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