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You’re a Part of Something

“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” This tired old adage sounds accusing and incriminating, like you’re supposed to feel guilty for not working towards a solution, a better world. It’s a bold, shaming aphorism. … Continue reading

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My Obsessive Behaviour Finally Pays Off

I record all my comedy sets obsessively. I’ve done over 340 sets and I’ve recorded all but a handful. A few days ago, I listened to my first set on a whim. It was, shall we say, “interesting”. I definitely … Continue reading

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Free Stuff! Come ‘n Git It! (Part 2)

I’ve created a couple more git depots with some rather old code that has been written and open sourced for quite some time… but just never shared. One is a simple C-based command-line utility to quickly fix line endings for … Continue reading

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The Chair That Melted

It’s not too often that one gets the chance to experience a sensation that is completely new and unexpected, and even less often that it comes from completely mundane circumstances. But it happened to me. The other day I was … Continue reading

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