Bosch Acquires Health Hero Network

The company that employed me for nine and half years, up until October, was acquired by the private German company Bosch.

Press Release

The details of the acquisition were not disclosed publicly. However, as a shareholder, I received detailed information about the acquisition. Since Bosch is private, it’s a cash buyout, so I guess I am getting a bunch of cash in the next few days.

It’s more than just a few bucks, but it’s certainly not enough to change my life. If I had known this was going to be the ultimate payoff, I probably would have done something else for those nine years. But it’s a nice feeling of closure that this chapter of my life is finally (almost) over.

One thought on “Bosch Acquires Health Hero Network

  1. Well then…we’ll be looking forward to a bevy of free drinks upon your return.

    In honour of the buyout, make it a round of Heineken.

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