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Richard Kiss was born and raised in Canada. In 1991, he moved to California, ultimately receiving an (or is it "a") M.A. in mathematics. This goes a long way to explaining his obsession with numbers, structure and literalism. His personality is tempered with a heavy dose of wit and opinion. He enjoys donuts and writing in the third person. He also performs stand-up comedy.

Does This Really Count as Painting?

As I mentioned, in March, I filmed a couple episodes of “Paint with Lynn”. Here’s an edited version of the first episode.

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Lost in the Supermarket

Tuesday night, on the way home from a couple sets in San Francisco, I knew I was out of milk, so I stopped at the 24 hour Safeway near my home at around 1 in the morning. As I was … Continue reading

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The Sexification of Science on TV

TV continues to evolve. There’s been a trend lately in television to feature characters that not only know some rather complicated things, but also use critical thinking skills. Science sells. Now that’s intelligent design! Take CSI. When I first saw … Continue reading

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Nader Vote = 1/2 Bush Vote

In the 2000 Election, which was primarily a duel between the two four-letter candidates Bush and Gore, the warning “A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush!” was often bounced around. Of course, in one sense it’s kind of … Continue reading

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Click to Make My Ears Burn

When I was on Guy MacPhereson’s “What’s So Funny?” radio show, off air he mentioned to me that he had a short discussion with Irwin Barker about one of my jokes on air in a prior episode. Well, Guy emailed … Continue reading

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Adding Ten Pounds

I’ve had a video camera pointed at me a fair bit in the past week. My comedy friends Chris Schiacappasse (she-ack-uh-PASS-ee) and Vahé Hovak have a recurring YouTube show called “Hanging Out” where they come over and for some unscripted … Continue reading

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Free! Samples!

I used to work next door to a Trader Joe’s grocery store, and although not as famous as Costco’s, they have a pretty great free sample table. For months, every day around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I would … Continue reading

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The Curse of Originality

I’ve been trying very hard to produce tangible output on a regular basis for my blog. But it’s been challenging. I worry about being interesting, but only a bit, because the “interesting” angle is so much outweighed by my innate … Continue reading

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Django on Dreamhost

I went to the San Francisco Django Meetup last week and met some smart, nice people. There was some talk about host to deploying Django. There were many good things said about Slicehost. Of course, to my mind, the cheapest … Continue reading

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27 Random Questions

From a MySpace bulletin, circa 2007. The author of the questions is unknown but all answers are by me. 1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? “WHERE DID I PUT … Continue reading

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