Django on Dreamhost

I went to the San Francisco Django Meetup last week and met some smart, nice people.

There was some talk about host to deploying Django. There were many good things said about Slicehost. Of course, to my mind, the cheapest and easiest way to deploy is Google App Engine. I say let the good employees at Google deal with the hard work of keeping these thousands of machine online and responsive. If your GAE site goes down at 4 AM, there’s no point in waking up to take a look at what’s going on, because you can’t even log in to those Google machines, much less have root access, so you may as well… keep sleeping. Which is what I prefer to do at 4 AM.

Anyway, I’ve used Dreamhost for years to host both my blog and my personal web site, which is actually a very simple Django app. It’s met my needs perfectly; it’s a very low traffic web site, and at less than $10 a month (including ssh access!) incredibly cheap.

You don’t get root like you do on or other VPS, but I consider that a feature, not a bug. Do I really want to be the one responsible for keeping system software safe from the hacker attack du jour?

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I expect to release my Django Dreamhost configuration as a github project Real Soon Nowâ„¢.

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