Free Stuff! Come ‘n Git It!

I moved out of my Vancouver apartment on campus at UBC on the 14th. However, my Sunnyvale apartment, where I’m moving back to, is pretty full, and packing is always a torture, so I left behind a bit of stuff in my Vancouver apartment. If you want any of it or want to take a look, let me know and I can arrange a run-through with a friend who lives in the building.

When I left, what remained behind included:

  • a kitchen garbage pail
  • two small garbage pails, for bathroom and bedroom
  • a blue chair that folds out into a single bed (cot-style), suitable for living room
  • a black shelf, about two feet by two feet, four feet high, with five shelves
  • a folding chair, suitable for sitting at a table or desk
  • some kitchenware, including a Brita filtered water pitcher and light bulbs
  • an entertainment center stand, with space for a TV and bookshelves on the side
  • a (pretty lousy) TV, about 19″
  • a DVD player
  • a little glass table, about the size of a foot stool (but probably too fragile to use as a foot stool)

Since I ain’t there no more, this is from memory and I probably forgot a thing or two. If you’re local to UBC University Village apartments and want any of this, or just want to look through, let me know. Email me at him at richardkiss dot com, or on the Facebookâ„¢. Hurry though: the lease expires on September 30th, after which, building management will clean it all out.

One thought on “Free Stuff! Come ‘n Git It!

  1. I was in your place yesterday for the walkthrough and it’s all gone already. Jadranka told me she has your things on the parking level somewhere.

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