Big Changes Ahead

I’ve been working for a company called Health Hero Network, in Mountain View (then Redwood City and now Palo Alto) for the past 9 1/2 years. That’s a very long time for a Silicon Valley job!

I had been trying to figure what to do after leaving HHN for some time now, and consider several ideas. I am at my strongest building something out of nothing, so I knew a start-up was the way to go. In particular, I’ve had enough of working for “the man”, and wanted to be at a start-up I can consider my own.

My brother Erik has an internet start-up based in Vancouver, and I am going to help him out as the main and initial network and server-side expert. We hope to have a preliminary web site up within the next few months.

The office is on the west side of Vancouver, out at the University of British Columbia (UBC). I will be up there a lot — about 80% of my work days will be in the office, so probably 65-75% of the calendar days.

I will be keeping my California apartment in Sunnyvale, but will also be renting a place in Vancouver, and commuting frequently.

I expect to be doing comedy frequently in Vancouver and getting to know the players in the scene there.

So what does this mean to you? If you are accustomed to seeing me in California, you probably won’t see me around nearly as much. If you live in Vancouver and have gotten used to seeing me once in a while… well, I’ll be there much more often!

One thought on “Big Changes Ahead

  1. Wow. Never thought of myself as “the man” – well, at least not the oppressive, “working for the man” type. There was probable a college moment where being “the man” did come up, but I digress. Good luck Richard – we already miss you. Your impact at HHN is impossible to describe in a simple post…

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