An Old Alternative is New Again

Radio station 104.9 is back!

At the end of 2005, the radio station at 104.9 suddenly and violently changed format from mildly alternative to Spanish. In a swoop, one of my favourite and commonly punched-up presets in my car became obsolete.

Of course, my habit of cycling through radio stations to find something good playing right this second (a habit that my sister shares, although I am a rank beginner compared to her) included this old favourite stop for quite some time after the changeover. And me. I’m so dumb. I would stop on this station and lean forward, listening hard. Like in five minutes I’m going to “figure out” Spanish.

Eventually I removed the preset from the list. Acceptance. And closure.

But it’s back, baby! As stated on a concise bulletin on MySpace (thanks Krysti!), 104.9 is now back to its old format, which I would describe as “very much like 105.3 except slightly softer”.

Spread the word. And enjoy the reincarnation of an old friend.