The Curse of Originality

I’ve been trying very hard to produce tangible output on a regular basis for my blog. But it’s been challenging. I worry about being interesting, but only a bit, because the “interesting” angle is so much outweighed by my innate need to be original.

Ah, the curse of originality, or as comedians like to say, “not hack”. I strive to be a brilliant computer hacker while I strive to avoid being a comedy hack. Hack computers, not comedy.

Upon reflection, this desire – this need – to be original has been a constant driver in my life. I’ve always felt different, and always felt the need to be think about things differently. When everyone else zigs, I zag. I don’t know why. It’s in my nature. I can’t help it any more than the scorpion can help but sting the frog.

My blog and my comedy suffers because I so quickly and naturally filter out ideas that seem obvious and unoriginal automatically. They’re considered, but only considered as ideas that have been seen and noted, and never considered to be used on stage or in public. A lot of times, I’ll even dismiss as unoriginal ideas that I’ve come up with myself, but in the past, so they are unoriginal in that “I’ve thought of them before”.

I suppose this blog post is personal enough that it’s guaranteed to be original. Even if someone else has written these exact ideas, or even somehow these exact words, I’m still original because they (probably) weren’t writing about me. Maybe that’s the answer: write about myself.


Huh. I guess that’s been done. To death.

3 thoughts on “The Curse of Originality

  1. first!

    Now that was not original! I guess my standards aren’t very high. What I find interesting is how unoriginal I am. The Internet is full of people who seem to think almost exactly as I do whereas before I felt like I was a unique oddball. I’m not as disappointed about that as I thought I would be.

    I do know what you mean about originality though, why are you more driven to be different than any one else? Why are some things about you so very average? Your appearance is no indication of your exceptional nature…

  2. Sometimes, blog posts – like this one, engage the reader simply because the writer has
    peeled back a layer. Originality is not THE only criteria for works that are remembered. I loved this post simply because it was honest and you revealed a vulnerability.

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