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Good-bye App Engine

I’d been running my web site for comedians in Google App Engine for nearly two years. Google App Engine seemed pretty neat when it first came out: it was the only free hosting service I knew of where you … Continue reading

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Farley’s Open Mic Performance

I stopped by Farley’s one Saturday about a week ago and did a set at the open mic there. The audience seemed to be completely indifferent to the fact that comedy was going on (and not just me), but I … Continue reading

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People Get Better at Stuff

I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for four and a half years now, and done over 400 shows. Recently, I taped a longer set I’ve done and posted it on my web site. I’m happy to see that I’m improving (I’m … Continue reading

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More Painting with Lynn

Here are highlights from the second of two episodes I filmed. Enjoy!

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Does This Really Count as Painting?

As I mentioned, in March, I filmed a couple episodes of “Paint with Lynn”. Here’s an edited version of the first episode.

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Click to Make My Ears Burn

When I was on Guy MacPhereson’s “What’s So Funny?” radio show, off air he mentioned to me that he had a short discussion with Irwin Barker about one of my jokes on air in a prior episode. Well, Guy emailed … Continue reading

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Adding Ten Pounds

I’ve had a video camera pointed at me a fair bit in the past week. My comedy friends Chris Schiacappasse (she-ack-uh-PASS-ee) and Vahé Hovak have a recurring YouTube show called “Hanging Out” where they come over and for some unscripted … Continue reading

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The Curse of Originality

I’ve been trying very hard to produce tangible output on a regular basis for my blog. But it’s been challenging. I worry about being interesting, but only a bit, because the “interesting” angle is so much outweighed by my innate … Continue reading

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27 Random Questions

From a MySpace bulletin, circa 2007. The author of the questions is unknown but all answers are by me. 1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? “WHERE DID I PUT … Continue reading

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On the Air (2)

Here’s the radio show I did on Sunday. It’s an hour long. It starts with a three minute audio clip of a funny guy who isn’t me, so don’t be confused by that part. "What's So Funny" radio show, Dec. … Continue reading

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