Norwegian Pearl Guest Set

Yesterday was the last day of a cruise on the Norwegian Pearl with my brother and sister-in-law(ish gal). It was a lot of fun, although I did stay up too late pretty much every night. What does it mean when you come home from a vacation and need to sleep? Not to mention a weird, dizzy feeling. Inner ear overcompensation?

On Thursday night, there was a talent show, similar to the one on the Norwegian Dream last year. Just like last year, I came in second, again by one point, this time to a kid who did hip hop dancing. I did not really see his performance (I was out of the room for most of it). I do distinctly remember walking into the room while he was doing his thing and thinking to myself “If I lose to him, I am going to kill myself.” (So far, I have not followed through… I think maybe I was just kidding.)

There were two comics, but I was fifth and he ninth, so I was the first comic the audience saw, and I had to warm them up. But they were willing, and I did some tried and true material with a couple fairly new things and one new venue-specific joke (about all the hand disinfecting machines around). All in all, it was a good set. Every joke worked – some better than others, but there were no duds. Five solid minutes.

Even though I did not win, I had a great set. If you’re going to take a cruise and do some comedy, Norwegian is the one to do.

2 thoughts on “Norwegian Pearl Guest Set

  1. Richard,(or Dick, as you mentioned) I was on the Pearl and saw your act. Very funny (esp Linens & THINGS and the Purell bit) My cabinmate was “Buttercup” (the guy that sang “My Way”) he obsessed and rehersed it in our cabin for three days nonstop!!I stole a vomit, sick bag form the ship and If I ever hear that song again, I’ll need it!
    What was up with that other “comic”? He was terrible although Wanda did do a killer job with her rendition of “Route 66”
    Anyway, thanks again for making us laugh and enhancing our NCL Pearl experience.
    Peace, Tom Walsten

  2. Glad you enjoyed the set, and thanks for your comment.

    I talked to the other comic a bit. He seemed like a nice fellow. He said he was from Orange County and got out to do a set around once a month. He may not have been your cup of tea, but there’s no denying that he got laughs! You know what they say… it takes all kinds.

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